Meet the Team


Jennifer A. Gibson, RN, MSN, PhD
Director of Ethics Services

​Jennifer Gibson is a Clinical Ethicist at PHC and an Adjunct Professor in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia. Prior to joining Ethics Services in 2018, she held a variety of nursing leadership, education, and administrative roles in the Heart Centre at St. Paul's Hospital. The focus of her clinical practice was cardiac and critical care.

Skilled in the engagement and mediation of multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders, Jennifer brings a passion for values-based care, planning, and decision making. As an educator and a researcher, she has presented at numerous local and national conferences, and has authored and collaborated on a several peer-reviewed published works.

Jennifer earned an MSN and a PhD from the University of British Columbia School of Nursing. Her doctoral dissertation examined health care professionals' experiences supporting patients with heart failure and their family members in end-of-life planning and care. Her research focus included a particular sensitivity to ethical issues in hospital cultures and contexts. Jennifer also holds a Graduate Diploma in Catholic Bioethics from Saint Paul University in Ottawa. 

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Yoelit Lipinsky, MPA, MA, PhD 
Clinical Ethicist

Yoelit Lipinsky holds a PhD in Healthcare Ethics from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where she participated in clinical ethics in major hospitals and in primary care. Also while in Pittsburgh, Yoelit held a Fellowship in Death and Dying offered by the Jewish Healthcare Fund which enabled training surrounding initiating difficult conversations.   

Yoelit has been classically trained in theology via her triple MA from the University of Toronto.  She also holds an MPA from Queen's University in Kingston, ON Canada. Yoelit's interests lie in the nexus of complicated questions like religion and bioethics, reproductive ethics and pediatric ethics. Yoelit is also a postdoctoral Fellow on the TrustSphere project which explored digital pediatric consent and research where she is supervised by Dr. Alice Virani and Dr. Holly Longstaff.. 

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Carrie Smith, MSW, RSW
Medical Assistance in Dying Response Lead +
Ethics Service Engagement

Carrie Smith is the Ethics Services Engagement and Medical Assistance in Dying Response Leader.  

Carrie has been with PHC since 2011 and has practiced as a Social Worker in various roles and has supported teams at Alder Neuropsychiatry Tertiary Care Unit, Violence Prevention and Foundry Central Office. 

Carrie has extensive qualifications and expertise in program and curriculum development, education and training, and leadership and group facilitation. She is also a skilled communicator and effectively helps teams navigate conflict and complex and difficult conversations. Carrie lives and leads the Providence Mission through a strength-based approach to leadership and collaboration which promotes constructive partnerships, effective and productive interprofessional team dynamics, and successful engagement. 

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Lori Gallins RN, BScN, MA                                                                                                                                                                                                      Clinical Ethicist 

Lori Gallins is an experienced critical care and emergency nurse who relocated with her family to British Columbia from Saskatchewan in 2021. Since her arrival in BC, she has been working with the Vancouver Island Health Authority as a member of their critical care transport team.

Prior to joining the PHC Ethics team, she held a variety of nursing leadership, education, and administrative roles in Saskatchewan. Most recently, Lori worked with the Saskatchewan Health Authority as a Clinical Ethicist in the Provincial Department of Ethics where she supported northern communities in the areas of clinical, organizational, and research ethics. She is also an experienced educator and has taught a variety of students and professionals in both nursing and health care ethics.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Art in Biomedical and Health Care Ethics from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Skilled in the practical application of health care ethics concepts, Lori brings a fresh perspective on health care planning, mediation, and values-based decision-making. Lori is passionate about patient and family-centered-care and social justice. She strives to cultivate meaningful relationships with others and looks to learn something new from every encounter, with every person.

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Quentin Genuis                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Physician-Ethicist 

Quentin Genuis is an Emergency Physician. He also holds a Master of Letters from the University of St. Andrews with research focus in Bioethics. He is a published writer in journals of philosophy-of-medicine, bioethics, and medical science. His research and teaching interests include the autonomy debates, end-of-life care, compassion and compassion-fatigue, and humanism in medical practice.

He is also passionate about Russian literature, Scottish whiskey, and burritos.