Ethics For Lunch Past Events

Title Records & Recordings


November 29, 2023
Autonomy, Disease, and Ethics: Further thoughts on care for our patients with substance use disorders
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Genuis

October 18, 2023
What Does the Patient Want? Trust, Treatment Decisions & Disagreements
Speaker: Mark Miller, CSsR

September 27
The Concept of Futility in Healthcare 
Speaker: Rucha Sangole

August 23
Informed Refusal: What is a true "no"?
Speaker: Zamina Mithani

June 20
Addictions and Ethics: What do we owe our patients and residents with substance use disorders?
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Genuis

June 15
The Ethics of Supporting Choices in Long-Term Care
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Gibson

Mar 2
Be Fruitful and Multiply: Catholic and Jewish Perspectives on Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Speaker: Dr. Yoelit Lipinsky

Feb 1
The Ethics of Supporting Choices in Long-Term Care
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Gibson



Apr 6
Graveyard Dancing, Golems and Blood: Religious Triggers of Mental Health Crises in Judaism and Christianity
Speaker: Dr. Yoelit Lipinsky



Nov 25
Sexuality in Long-Term Care: Supporting Sexual Health & Intimacy in Care Facilities
Speakers: Dr. Jocelyn Chase & Dr. Bethan Everett 

Sep 10
Altered Inheritance: The Art and Ethics of Designing Babies
Speaker: Dr. Françoise Baylis, University Research Professor, Dalhousie University

Apr 21
The Ethical Components of Professional Integrity
Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Olmos Perez

Feb 24
Autonomy, Capacity and the Ethics of Leaving "AMA"
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Genuis

Jan 21
BC COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation: An Ethical Decision Making Framework
Speaker: Dr. Alice Virani



Dec 2
What did dad actually want? Applying an Ethics Framework to Difficult Cases
Speakers: Jordan Joseph Wadden & Dr. Jillian Boerstler

Sep 16
AI in healthcare: Is Consent in Jeopardy?
Speaker: Jordan Joseph Wadden

Apr 30
COVID-19 and the Elderly
Speaker: Dr. Janet Kow and Dr. Jocelyn Chase



Jan 21
Ethical issues in pain management at the end of life
Speaker: Dr. Jocelyn Chase

Feb 4
Substituted decision making for the incapable patient: An ethical framework
Speaker: Dr. Jocelyn Chase

Mar 15
Vulnerability in health care
Speaker: Nina Preto

Jun 12
Navigating Medical Assistance in Dying: Palliative and hospice care providers' experiences
Speakers: Dr. Anita Ho & Dr. Soodabeh Joolaee



Jan 15
Sowing the SEED for Supportive-decision-making: A four-step model
Speaker: Anita Ho

Feb 22
Substituted decision making for the incapable patient: An ethical framework
Speaker: Dr. Jocelyn Chase

Mar 16
Deciding for others: Do surrogate decision-makers have the right to withhold pain medication from incapacitated patient at the end of life?
Speaker: Jennifer Warriner

Apr 23
Anorexia Nervosa: Confounding ethical complexities
Speaker: Jenny Young

May 18
Ethical reflections on aging and dementia
Speaker: MaryLou Harrigan

Jul 11
Transgender youth: Ethics and decision-making
Speaker: Beth Clark

Sep 21
Ethical inquiry in our clinical practices: Learnings from a research study about heart failure and end-of-life care
Speaker: Jennifer Gibson

Oct 26
When patients choose to live at risk: What is an ethical approach to intervention?
Speaker: Jenny Young

Nov 27
When patients choose to live at risk: What is an ethical approach to intervention?
Speaker: Jenny Young

Nov 30
Moral distress at the intersection of moral agency and organization context
Speaker: Lynn Musto



Feb 8
Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis: A barrier to health care?
Speaker: Emma Gauvin

Mar 9
What do cancer narratives do and why do they do it?
Speaker: Judy Segal

Jun 22
Quality of care for people with eating disorders: What makes it hard to be collaborative?
Speaker: Josie Geller

Oct 26
The ethics of mandatory flu vaccination for healthcare workers
Speaker: Diego S. Silva

Nov 15
Where do we begin, when we are at the end? Deactivating cardiac devices
Speaker: Dr. A. Tony Verma



Jan 26
Transnational reproductive travel: Ethical considerations and implications
Speaker: Alice Virani

Feb 5
Addiction is not a choice--Neither is its cure. The case for and against using the Mental Health Act to treat addictions involuntarily
Speakers: Dr. Keith Ahamad & Grant Millar

Mar 17
What is it, where did it come from, and who wants it? Informed consent: The ethics and the law
Speaker: Bill Sullivan

May 9
Treating ICU patients with respect can facilitate healing and reduce later mental health problems: A patient's perspective
Speaker: Eirikur Palsson

Jun 2
Do we have a right to be lazy, unhealthy, and reckless? Public health ethics and the nanny state
Speaker: Dr. David Unger

Sep 29
Moral distress in the ICU
Speaker: Dr. Peter Dodek

Oct 19
The role of the Public Guardian and Trustee(PGT) in health care decison-making
Speakers: Manjit Chand & Goran Todorovic

Nov 24
Cause of death--Schizophrenia?
Speakers: Jenny Young & Bethan Everett 

Dec 12
At-risk for Alzheimer's disease: Nurturing knowledge, understanding, education, and care in a remote first nation community
Speaker: Judy Illes



Jan 20
Citizenship and dementia
Speaker: Deborah O'Connor

Feb 17
Zombie ethics: The challenges in managing the coming zombie apocalypse
Speaker: Dr. Dave Unger

Mar 17
Ethical issues at the beginning of life
Speaker: Alice Virani

Mar 31
Citizenship, personhood, and dementia
Speaker: Deborah O'Connor

Jun 3
Improving the moral climate for health care
Speaker: Paddy Rodney

Sep 1 & 2
Covert administration of medications: Exploring the ethical dimensions
Speakers: Dr. Dave Unger & Jenny Young

Oct 29
We don't believe she's brain dead: When family disagrees with the health care team
Speakers: Bethan Everett & Sarah Chapple

Nov 16 & Dec 1
The right medicine: Making appropriate decisions about end-of-life care
Speaker: Dr. Dave Unger



Apr 2
The Rasouli case ruling and its implications for BC: Ethical and legal reflections
Speaker: Dr. Dave Unger

Mar 18
Informed consent For frail elders: Considering a palliative approach
Speakers: Joan Pham & Tilly Schalkwyk

Jun 17
Discharges from hospital against medical advice among people who inject drugs
Speaker: Ryan McNeil

Sept 16 & 23
Denying treatment to patients: Michael's Story. When, if ever, can care be denied to a patient?
Speaker: Jenny Young

Oct 21 & 29
Beyond the suicide attempt: Is it ever OK to allow someone to die by suicide?
Speakers: Jenny Young & Kerrie Wooltorton

Nov 13
Reframing voice hearing
Speakers: Renea Mohammed, Neleena Popatia & Jenny Young



Jan 8
Physician assisted suicide

Feb 12
Is your professional practice also your Facebook friend?
Speakers: Jennifer Gibson & Brooke Raphael

Feb 19
Transferring adults incapable of making decisions into residential care

Mar 12
You got that kidney from where? Ethical issues in transplant tourism

Sep 10
Informed consent for frail elders: Would a palliative approach be helpful?

Sep 17
We are the biggest barriers: Healthcare providers' view on thier own challenges in having end-of-life discussions

Oct 22
Transferring adults incapable of making decisions into residential care



Jan 17 & Feb 14
When enough is enough: The ethics of restraint in a clinical care setting

Feb 21
Biases in medical decision-making and ethical implications

Mar 20 & 27
Addressing moral distress in interprofessional practice

Sep 11
Ethical challenges in trialing new treatments for heroin dependence

Sep 18
Competency/capability assessments

Oct 16
Childhood trauma as a risk factor for HIV

Nov 20
Physician assisted suicide

Nov 27
The healing relationship: The context of ethical reflection and social nature of care

Dec 18
How you want to be treated born: The ethics of elective c-sections



Feb 8 &15
Ethical framework for substitute decision-making

Mar 8 & 15
Communicating with family members of patients: A discussion of what's legal, what's ethical, what's practice, and what's compassionate

Jun 14
When consent and capacity to decide are questionable

Jun 21
Relational autonomy and surrogate decision-making

Sep 13 & 20
The legal and ethical imperative for advance care planning

Oct 18 & Nov 9
Ethics of withholding/withdrawing treatments

Nov 15
Chronic pain or drug seeking? Ethical reflections on chronic pain management