Ethics Resource Forum

The Ethics Resource Forum 

Membership represents sites across PHC and includes patient partners. 

The mandate of the Ethics Resource From includes:

  • Promoting broad ethics knowledge across members' networks
  • Enhancing the capacity for ethical reflection and decision making at PHC
  • Considering ethical issues and concerns that affect patients, clinical units, teams, programs, services, and the organization as a whole

Current membership

The Ethics Resource Forum is comprised of patients, family members, administrators, physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals who are interested in ethical issues that arise in health care settings


Jennifer Gibson

Chair, Clinical Ethicist, PHC

Jillian Boerstler

Clinical Ethicist, PHC

Harvey Bosma

Patient Care Manager, Palliative Care, SPH

Jocelyn Chase

Geriatrician and Physician Ethicist, PHC

Sarah Cobb 

Lead, Implemention of a Palliative Approach to Care in Acute, PHC

Sandy Coughlin

Director, Occupational Health and Staff Wellness, PHC

Chris Gagnon

Professional Practice Leader, Respiratory Therapy, SPH

Rose Hatala

Physician, Internal Medicine, SPH

Bernadette Howell

Spiritual Care Practitioner, SPH

Annemarie Kaan

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Acute Heart Failure and Heart Transplant, SPH

Kent Loftsgard

Community Member

Kate McNamee

Practice Consultant, Professional Practice and Nursing, PHC

Cecilia Moore

Spiritual Health Practitioner, Holy Family Hospital

Eirikur Palsson

Community Member

Anna Rahmani

Physician, Internal Medicine, SPH

Jaclyn Sauer

Social Worker, Addiction Medicine Consult Team, SPH

Carrie Smith 

Response Lead for Medical Assistance in Dying and Ethics Services Engagment Leader

Jody Sydor-Jones

Corporate Director, Mission, Reconcilliation, & Volunteer Services


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