Ethics Services at Providence Health Care

Since the Founding Sisters established the first health care settings in the 1890’s, which would later become Providence Health Care (PHC), ethical reflection has been a cornerstone of who we are and what we do.

Grounded in the moral teaching and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church, PHC's commitment to ethical care is fundamental and universal. Our hospitals, homes, and outpatient services provide leading edge medical care within the context of a deep commitment to compassion and social justice. We accomplish this by paying careful attention to how we interact with one another and the people that we serve. 

What is ethics?

Ethics is the philosophical discipline that examines ideas about right and wrong. It is also the discipline that examines who we ought to be, how we should behave, and how we make decisions in light of who we say we are. At PHC, we believe that ethics touches everyone and everything. Ethics Services seeks to bring the best of our wisdom and lived experience to our work by placing ethical reflection and discussion at the centre of all our activities.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values are at the centre of who we are and how we act, whether the issue at hand is how best to respond to a medical emergency; make difficult treatment decisions in clinical or long-term care; navigate different viewpoints among care providers, patients, residents, or families; allocate scarce resources fairly; support innovative research and teaching; or support the individuals, teams, programs and the organization as a whole in living with integrity.